Our Business is now located on Melville Terrace and offers an easily accessible high street location, without high street costs being passed on to customer.
We have over 10 years experience in PC Repair and Laptop Repair, Network configuration and installation, Multimedia and web develelopment as well as an extensive knowledge of the following branded products; Dell, Compaq, HP, Acer, Sony, Apple Mac, Netgear, Linksys, IBM, Toshiba. Drop in and see us today.

Frequently asked questions :

Answers to common problems and listings of the latest virus threats.

thumbnailThese page was compiled for the use of customers Edinburgh Computer repairs to save you time and money for the most common problems encountered with standard PC systems.

We will be delighted if they are of use to anyone else but we take no responsibility for any damage that occurs through the unqualified modification of your computer system.

No sound from speakers:
Please check the back of the computer. Some computers may have speaker connections on both the soundcard and modem. You will need to plug the single stereo speaker plug into the socket on the soundcard usually marked Audio Out (or in some cases Speaker).

Computer seems to start up as normal but nothing appears on screen: As obvious as this may sound it is probably a cable not attached correctly, or the monitor power button being turned off. Please unplug all the cables and replace them carefully.

Sometimes my system just crashes for no explicable reason: Welcome to Windows.

More help with crashing.
Fuzzy image on monitor: Monitors are sensitive to electro magnetic interference. Ensure that your speakers are not too close to the monitor and that there is no other source of interference, especially from TVs, radios, microwaves, dishwashers and washing machines. Mobile phones are frequently the cause of this problem.

Modem error message says, "No Dial Tone": Do not attempt to change any COM port or other modem settings. This problem is ALWAYS external to the computer. Not all modem cables are the same. Always use the one supplied with your modem. The telephone cable from your wall socket should go into the modem socket marked Line In. Consider that the telephone socket is faulty. It could also be a faulty telephone extension line (just because it works on a phone doesn't necessarily mean it will work on a modem - and don't ask me why), or some other external factor. We repeat: Please do not change any of the modem settings. "No-Dial Tone" is always an external problem.

Modem cuts off frequently: Modems cannot handle the beep on BT's call waiting facility. If you have call waiting on your line you will need to disable it before using the modem.

Colour on screen is limited to 16 colours: The default setting for Windows is 16 colours. You can only get 256 or more colours if you have installed the video drivers correctly.


Web design and multimedia


We have teamed up with local multimedia developers Digital Engine to provide an in-house web and multi-media design and build service.

Domain registration, hosting, web design, animation, CD-Rom and DVD authoring and presentations are just a few of the services we can offer.


Common PC F.A.Q's

Click on the link below to get an up to date list of the latest threats to your PC as well as answers to the most common faults and problems we come across.
If your computer is acting strangely or performing badly check here to see if we already have a solution.




Our Internet cafe has 8 high spec PC's and wireless access set in very quiet and comfortable surroundings.

We may not be the cheapest internet cafe but our clients, most of whom are regulars, come here to relax and concentrate on what they are doing. The same cannot be said for many others.